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Hair Styles for Bride

Hair Styles for Bride

Today's Indian bride is very much conscious about her look. They want a balanced look with proper hairstyle, make-up and dress. At the same time they also don't want something overdone. Nowadays different kinds of hairstyles are done in the beauty parlors. Depending on the personality, height, face structure you can select a particular hairstyle for you. Hair coloring is now in vogue. New trend for hair coloring are available in the parlors. Mostly girls are going for sizzling shades like fiery red browns to blonde red coppers and stencil coloring. Proper hair color can give you a completely new look. You can match your hair color according to your complexion. If you are fair go for bright colors and if you have a dark complexion than it is better to try dark shades like burgundy, dark brown, copper. Among the new trendy colors are Iris copper, red passion, auburn gold, matt, purple vision, dark cherry, silver ice, beige. But it is better to avoid these colors. It is always good to go for sober and matt colors. If your hair is already colored than you can use translucent color gloss, which can lighten, darken or brighten hair tones.

To give a perfect wedding look it is important to match three things and that is perfect haircut, right hairstyle, which matches your personality and hairdo suitable for your facial structure. To give you the perfect bridal look it is important that proper styling, right hair color, and the right makeup should be given to you depending on your body structure and personality.

Some of the hairstyle colorings you can opt for are as follows:

* Normal full hair color
* Diagonal Streaking
* Geometric Coloring
* Slicing
* Frosting
* Velcro Coloring
* Global Coloring
* Gray Hair Coverage
* Horizontal Streaking
* Hair Relaxing and Straightening
* Hair split ends
* Bleaching

In the hair perm division you can try out the following styles:

* Spiral Perm
* Pony Perm
* Dreadlock Perm
* Hair Jetting
* Pig Peg Perm
* Soft Wave
* Crimp Perm
* Zig Zag Perm

The latest hairstyles you can go for to give a different look are as follows:

* Hair Do's
* Long short medium
* Roller setting
* Ironing
* Crimping
* Ringlets
* Braids

Among the all occasions hairstyles you can opt for the following depending on your personality.

* Layers
* Vertical
* Bangs
* Fringes
* Blunts
* Wedge
* Sleek and Blunt
* Straight
* Combo

To give your hairstyle a balanced look it is important that you match the hairstyle along with your make-up and dress. It is also important to match your style according to your face structure. If your face is small don't go for something huge and if your face is big than you can opt for a pumped style. So everything depends on your face structure and personality.

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